Celebrating 30 Years

Heritage Center photo
Gary Bakke (l) and Tom Schumacher (r) in 1985.

Bakke Norman is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Gary Bakke, George Norman and Tom Schumacher started Bakke, Norman & Schumacher on July 1, 1985. The firm has changed over the past 30 years. Our 3 attorneys grew to over 30 attorneys and staff. Our small office space in the New Richmond Heritage Center evolved into 2 office buildings in New Richmond and Menomonie. Our name mushroomed to the tongue-twisting Bakke, Norman, Schumacher, Skinner, Walter & Steans, S.C., before being trimmed to the receptionist-friendly Bakke Norman.

New Richmond Office
New Richmond office after 2013 remodel.

What has not changed in 30 years is our commitment to quality legal services and being good citizens to the communities we serve. Bakke Norman continues to offer a full range of legal services to businesses, individuals, farms, financial institutions and municipalities. We look forward to serving our clients, our profession and our communities for the next 30 years.


What was happening in July of 1985?

In the White House

Ronald Reagan & George Bush

At the Gas Pumps

$1.24 per gallon

On the Radio

“We are the World”

In the Media

Coca-Cola introduced New Coke

In Theaters

Back to the Future

Latest Technology

Windows 1.0 released