Family Law/Divorce Client Guide

At Bakke Norman, S.C., we have attorneys experienced in handling divorce and family law matters. We employ skilled legal assistants and paralegals to help you and your attorney with your file and to assure you of the best professional representation. You are encouraged to contact the legal assistant or paralegal regarding any questions about your case if the attorney is not available. A legal assistant or paralegal is not an attorney and is not permitted to give legal advice. However, the legal assistant or paralegal can answer many questions regarding your case. The legal assistant or paralegal will refer questions calling for legal advice to your attorney.

What Do Divorce Attorneys Do?

Your attorney will advise you about the law and help you prepare and present your case which will sometimes involve hiring or consulting with expert witnesses, such as appraisers, accountants or psychologists.

We will keep you advised on court procedures, give you our advice regarding options or decisions you have, and answer your questions. We will help identify and value assets and will work to obtain a fair division for you. If issues arise concerning the value of real estate, business interests, retirement plans or personal property, we will handle the valuation process.

If child support or maintenance (alimony) is a problem, we will analyze available income, consider unrealized earning capacity and evaluate budgets to try to obtain a fair and reasonable result for you.

We will advise you about custody and placement issues and work with counselors or other experts to protect your rights and those of your children.

Can We Represent Both Husband and Wife?

No. An inherent conflict of interest that prevents an attorney from representing both parties to a divorce.

If both husband and wife want to file a joint petition for divorce, we can prepare and file it, but we will represent only one party.

Occasionally, divorcing parties have agreed completely on all issues before a legal action is started. In that event, one party can possibly proceed without legal counsel, risks involved in doing so. The rights and responsibilities that are determined in a divorce are so important that we strongly recommend that each side have separate legal counsel.

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