Employment Law Client Guide for Employees

Employment Law Attorneys: Who Are They? What Do They Do? How Much Will They Charge?

Bakke Norman, S.C. has experienced attorneys with expertise in employment law matters. We employ skilled legal assistants and paralegals to help you and your attorney with your file and to assure you of the best professional representation. You are encouraged to contact the legal assistant or paralegal regarding any questions about your case if the attorney is unavailable. A legal assistant or paralegal is not an attorney and is not permitted to give legal advice. However, the legal assistant or paralegal can answer many questions regarding your case. The legal assistant or paralegal will refer questions calling for legal advice to your attorney.

What Will Your Attorney Do?

Your attorney will advise you about the law and help you prepare and present your case, which might involve hiring or consulting other professionals such as private investigators, physicians, psychologists or vocational rehabilitation counselors.

We will keep you advised regarding the legal proceedings, give you our advice regarding your options and answer any questions you have.

What Does It Cost?

Clients of Bakke Norman, S.C. are normally charged for legal services on a contingent fee basis or based on the total time spent on the file. The type of fee will be discussed and agreed between you and your attorney. If you and your attorney agree to a contingent fee, the attorney fees will be a percentage of what you are awarded or what you receive. If you and your attorney agree that the fee will be based on the time spent on your file, an hourly fee will be charged. The hourly rate charged can vary based on the experience and expertise of the attorney working on the file and the complexity of the issues presented. Time records are maintained for all work on the file, including telephone calls. These records are one factor used to calculate your bill unless you have a different fee agreement with your attorney.

An employment matter’s cost is difficult to predict accurately. The cost depends on the amount of work required of us, the number of witnesses and documents, the complexity of the legal issues involved, and our opponent’s attitude and behavior.

During our representation, we might advance certain fees and costs for our clients. These can include such items as filing fees, process servers’ fees, court reporter fees for depositions, witness subpoena fees, private investigator fees, expert witness fees, and so forth. We might ask you to pay some or all these fees and costs as your case proceeds. You will always be billed for the fees and costs we advance on your case. In certain employment cases, a prevailing employee is entitled to recovery of attorney’s fees and costs. Therefore, if you prevail, the opposing party might be ordered to pay your attorney’s fees and costs.

We must have an agreement with you regarding fees and costs before any work is started. If, for any reason, you do not have a complete understanding regarding the fees to be paid, please discuss this with your attorney immediately.

Telephone Calls and E-mail

We welcome your telephone calls and e-mail with questions about your case or with new information we need. When your attorney is in court or meeting with another client, your call might be referred to the legal assistant or paralegal assisting on your file. We will make every effort to respond to your inquiries promptly.


At various stages of the proceedings, we might explore the possibility of settlement. We might do this by informal contact with the other attorney or by a formal settlement conference. Although we will start and participate in settlement discussions, you are the only one who can agree on a settlement. Settlement might not be possible or advisable until all facts and values have been uncovered through the discovery process. When we have all the facts, we will offer you our professional advice and recommendations for settlement based on the law and our view of the case.

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