Estate Planning Client Guide

Estate Planning Attorneys: Who Are They? What Do They Do? How Much Will They Charge?

At Bakke Norman, S.C., we have attorneys experienced in handling estate-planning matters. We employ skilled legal assistants and paralegals to help you and your attorney with your file and to assure you of the best professional representation. You are encouraged to contact the legal assistant or paralegal regarding any questions about your case if the attorney is not available. A legal assistant or paralegal is not an attorney and is not permitted to give legal advice. However, the legal assistant or paralegal can answer many questions regarding your case. The legal assistant or paralegal will refer questions calling for legal advice to your attorney.

What Do Estate Planning Attorneys Do?

Your attorney will advise you about the law, assist you in determining how the law applies to your estate and prepare the documents necessary for your estate plan. Depending on your estate’s size and complexity, other experts might be needed in developing your estate plan. For example, accountants, appraisers and other attorneys on our staff might be consulted regarding complex business, tax or appraisal issues. Our attorneys and staff are committed to working with you in preserving your assets and in designing an estate plan that meets your objectives.

Whom Do We Represent?

Generally, the attorney represents both spouses. The law gives spouses certain rights as well as certain obligations. In some cases, the rights of each spouse might conflict. For example, in a second marriage situation, there might be a conflict between the interests of a husband and wife and treatment of their children from a prior marriage. When potential conflict problems arise, we will work with you in dealing with these problems and explain to you any problems or concerns we identify.

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