Growing Your Business During Changing Times – Building Strong Leadership Teams

Breakfast with Bakke NormanSteve provides insight on building strong leadership teams.

Steve Wilcox is President of Resultants for Business, Inc. (RFB), a non-traditional business advisory firm focusing on Strategic Execution, implementing and facilitating the framework and tools proven to accelerate growth and drive value. RFB is also uniquely qualified to facilitate Business Transitions, Exit Strategies and Succession Planning.

After graduating from the University of River Falls, Steve started a business career that included building various horticulture and backyard businesses over a 25 year period.

Steve and his wife Terri have “co-preneured” all their companies together, developing skills in sales, marketing, operations, and business management systems critical to the success of growing organizations.

A balance of family, business and community service keeps Steve active. Steve served the Twin Cities community in a variety of roles.

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