Traffic Violations and Operating While Intoxicated: What You Need to Know

Why hire an attorney ?

At Bakke Norman, S.C., we have attorneys experienced in handling Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) cases and other traffic matters. We employ skilled legal assistants and paralegals to help you and your attorney with your file and to assure you of the best professional representation. You are encouraged to contact the legal assistant or paralegal regarding any questions about your case if the attorney is unavailable. A legal assistant or paralegal is not an attorney and is not permitted to give legal advice. However, the legal assistant or paralegal can answer many questions about your case. The legal assistant or paralegal will refer questions calling for legal advice to your attorney.

What Will My Attorney Do?

Your attorney will advise you about the law and help you prepare and present your case. He or she will keep you advised about the legal proceedings, advise you about options you have or decisions you must make, and answer your questions.

What Does It Cost?

It is difficult to predict the cost of an OWI defense prior to hearing the case’s facts. OWI clients of Bakke Norman, S.C. are charged for legal services based on the projected time that will be spent on the file, the factual and legal problems involved in the case, the experience and expertise of the attorney working on your file, the number of previous operating-while-intoxicated convictions, and whether a chemical test refusal or commercial driver’s license problem is involved. We normally charge a flat-rate fee, payable when we begin work on your file.

During our representation, we might advance some fees and costs for you, including such items as payment for police or medical reports, transcripts of hearings, process server or expert witness’ fees, and investigator’s expenses. We will discuss projected costs with you at the beginning of your case.

We must have an agreement with you about fees and costs before any work starts. If, for any reason, you do not completely understand and agree about the fees to be paid, please discuss this with your attorney immediately.

Telephone Calls and E-Mail

We welcome your telephone calls and e-mail with questions about your case or with new information we need. When you attorney is in court or meeting with another client, your call might be referred to the legal assistant or paralegal assisting on your file. We will make every effort to respond to your inquiries promptly.

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