Pete Reinhardt Elected to Community Foundation Board

Pete Reinhardt has been electedpmr to the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of Dunn County. The Community Foundation of Dunn County was created in 1995 by a group of community members to promote charitable giving that would create a permanent source of capital to benefit and enrich the quality of life in the Dunn County area.

The Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These Directors are selected for their ability to positively enhance the communities of Dunn County for their capacity to make wise judgments as to the use of the Community Foundation’s funds. These volunteers provide stewardship for the foundation and its charitable activities by establishing policy, setting priorities and make final grant decisions. Each civic leader is appointed to a three-year term.

Pete primarily represents individuals and companies involved in employment and business litigation, while also advising them on meeting the requirements of State and Federal labor and employment standards. He also speaks to employers and other attorneys on best practices and developments in employment law.

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