Senate Bill Would Impact a Municipality’s Ability to Regulate Sex Offenders

Senator Lena Taylor of Milwaukee has introduced 2009 Senate Bill 548 which would prohibit certain convicted sex offenders (while they are on parole, probation, extended supervision, conditional release, or supervised release), for the most part from entering areas where persons under 16 years of age congregate, including schools, day care centers, playgrounds, parks, and published school bus stops.

Tucked into this bill is a provision that would invalidate local ordinances which prohibit or regulate loitering by sex offenders and regulate residencies of sex offenders. The bill would prohibit a city, village, town, or county from enacting or enforcing an ordinance or resolution that specifically affects the placement, residency, or areas that may not be entered or exited by, a registered sex offender. It’s early yet, and I’m sure we can expect vocal opposition.

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