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Deanne Koll
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In good times and in bad, financial institutions face a variety of legal issues on a daily basis. We have a combined 40 years of experience in helping lenders throughout the lending and collection processes, from assuring accurate loan documentation and perfection of security interests at the inception of the loan to foreclosure, replevin and collection of deficiency judgments if a debtor defaults. Our understanding of the financial industry allows us to deliver perceptive and dedicated attention to each matter. We also offer in-house educational seminars to assist financial institutions to train their lenders and staff on current issues and changing laws.

Commercial Lending

We are experienced in all aspects of commercial lending. Our representation includes:

  • Drafting and review of loan documents
  • Construction loan documentation and monitoring
  • Working with developers and drafting developers’ agreements
  • Municipal debt obligations
  • Asset- and real estate-based loans
  • Assist with title and survey issues
  • Subordination agreements
  • Inter-creditor agreements
  • Participation agreements

Lenders’ Rights

Our attorneys can also represent lenders in many different collection areas. We regularly help lenders to collect on accounts receivable, repossess collateral and recover funds through post-judgment enforcement. We also protect creditors’ interests in bankruptcy matters. Our experience counseling and representing lenders with complex financial concerns through the business cycles of the last 26 years include:

  • Asset searches and seizures
  • Creditor rights in bankruptcy
  • Adversary proceedings and automatic stay issues
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure
  • Collection matters, including guarantees, foreclosures and replevins
  • Garnishments
  • Negotiation of financial workouts and loan restructuring
  • Lien priority litigation
  • Investigation and collection of fraudulent transfers
  • Defense of lender liability claims

We are also available for referral to help financial institution customers with their real estate, estate planning and business planning needs.

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