Schools face some unique legal challenges, such as expulsion hearings and referendums. However, schools also face many of the same challenges common to other businesses. In the areas of employee relations and employment and labor law, this is particularly true since Act 10 and Act 32 became law in Wisconsin. Because our attorneys represent both businesses and public sector clients, we are able to apply lessons we learn in the private sector with respect to items such as contract negotiation, human resources, employee relations, bidding and purchasing and apply those lessons in the public sector setting. Accordingly, our clients have access to creative solutions that may not be typical in a public sector setting.

Legal Services Designed to Fit Your District’s Needs

We offer a variety of fee structures, ranging from hourly, flat fee, per project or retainer basis. Our firm policy is to structure the representation fee to provide incentives for efficient, economical, effective representation. Our team approach to representation also assures clients that someone is always available to assist.

Specialized Attorneys, Full Service Support

Our school law attorneys enjoy the support of other attorneys within the firm who specialize in other areas of law. Our attorneys are available to consult on matters such as real estate, guardianship and charitable donations. Should a problem arise, our attorneys are experienced in resolving disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

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