What do Adventure Travel and Running a Business have in Common?

Breakfast with Bakke NormanBakke Norman is excited to present, as part of its Breakfast with Bakke Series, a special presentation by Phil Mattison, CEO of Core Products International, Inc., titled: What do Adventure Travel and Running a Business have in Common?

Program Information

Adventure travel—it’s an absolute hoot! You can end up at an abandoned fishing camp, you’ll deal with the elements…both good and bad weather, you’ll sometimes have problems finding fuel and somebody undoubtedly will have a mechanical problem along the way. You’ll see polar bears, caribou, musk ox, catch enormous fish, go out on boats and swim with beluga whales.

So, what does that have to do with business? A lot! Phil’s personal and business philosophy is that life’s not about what you deal yourself—it’s about the opportunities you create for other people. “If you do something that is unique for you, it will only be unique once, but if you introduce others else to a brand new experience, it will be unique over and over. And if you can find ways in business to create opportunities for others, everybody wins.”

Speaker Bio

Phil Mattison is the founder of Core Products International, Inc., located in Osceola, Wisconsin. Phil grew his business from a small manufacturing operation in Minnesota into a highly successful corporation with two manufacturing locations in Northwestern Wisconsin.

In his spare time, Phil likes to hunt, fish, golf and travel, particularly by flying his twin prop Cessna airplane. He also teaches flying lessons out of the Osceola Airport. Phil recently embarked on a 10-day flight to the Arctic Circle with a dozen other people.

Phil is a successful businessman, speaker and motivator.